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How To Be A Friend When Your Mate Suffers From Depression

True friends are there to support each other through heartbreak, career woes and life’s successes. But what happens when a friend is diagnosed with depression? We asked a psychological expert to give his top tips for how to support a friend when you haven’t got a clue how to help

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Emotional turmoil is the preserve of the millennial generation.

Most of us are eyeball-deep in quarter life crises: sobbing into our cornflakes about our most recent drunk mishap / lack of pay rise / hopeless cooking skills and latest f*ckboy situation.

But while navigating our 20s might feel like a minefield, at least we have our best friends to keep us sane while en route.

We all know the BFF type – the one that’s on the end of the phone in the middle of the night to discuss WhatsApp exchanges with exes, or who has practical wisdom to offer when money is tight or parents are pesky or it’s Wednesday.

Friendship, especially the really good kind, means we can pour wine on our misery together, laugh off our slip-ups and give each other a helping hand whenever a tricky situation arises.

Except when your friend gets diagnosed with depression, because then, everything changes.

How do you share the burden of something you haven’t felt, or offer advice if it’s something you don’t fully understand?

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