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Katie Hopkins does a dramatic U-turn about ADHD after an emotional parent confronts her and admits she could be autistic

She’s famous for saying the most offensive things and for coming across as bigoted and unsympathetic – but one emotional parent looks like she finally got through to the notorious Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins had taken to the airwaves of LBC Radio to launch another attack on the parents of children with ADHD, blaming them for their childrens’ behaviour. But, despite many callers supporting Hopkins’ views, it was an upset mother who actually made a lasting impression on the outspoken star.

Hopkins had said: ‘You have to point the finger of blame. That is your mother, that is your father that is responsible for that behaviour. Not ADHD. I don’t think kids are born naughty. I think some kids are just born with bad parents.’

A mother phoned the show to pull Hopkins up on her comments, and was clearly tearful as she spoke. She said: ‘I’ve got three children, one with ADHD, does that make me a bad parent? To judge and say that they are naughty children is just unfair.’

Katie is infamous for being outspoken (Picture: ITV)

She added: ‘Some days are very, very challenging, but they are just normal children and want to be part of normal life, and to say that is just unfair. You don’t seem to understand what it’s like to have someone with ADHD in the house.’

Believe it or not, Hopkins was sympathetic to the caller and admitted that she had caused her views on the matter to ‘soften’.

She said to her: ‘It takes a lot of courage to come on here and tell me I’m wrong. It’s easy for me to point the finger.’

Hopkins’ attitude towards ADHD often manifests itself while she watches Born Naughty (Picture: Channel 4)

Blimey. So it IS possible to get through to her. A little bit, anyway.

She went on to concede that she was definitely on the autistic spectrum after another caller said he thought she might be autistic.

She said: ‘I probably am on the spectrum. I did an interview with a journalist the other day, and said, “Look I’m definitely on the spectrum.’”‘

Kevin Healey, a high profile ambassador and campaigner on Autism, is skeptical however. He told Metro.co.uk: ‘She is not medically trained to diagnose conditions;  she states mostly that ADHD doesn’t exist. People with autism do not behave in the manner that Katie Hopkins has behaved recently by upsetting thousands of parents and people on the spectrum.’

Kevin recently demanded that Hopkins make a public apology over her comments on autism and his petition has now exceeded 11,000 signatures.

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