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Side Effects Of Gastric Bypass Surgery.You Must Know

6. Indigestion

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This is also called dyspepsia. It is the inability to digest or difficulty in digesting food, the incomplete or imperfect digestion of food or a case or attack of indigestion marked especially by a burning sensation or discomfort in the upper abdomen. This occurs in a short period after the surgery and can be reverted by having to change your diet which includes avoiding greasy foods and limiting the intake of certain drinks and alcohol. Other medicine should also be avoided such as aspirin.

7. Intolerance to certain foods, beverages and drugs

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Following the reduction of stomach size and digestive system, there will be certain foods, beverages and drugs that you’ll need to avoid and certain diet habits you’ll need to maintain. Certain drinks and beverages will have to be limited as they can cause an effect on the gastric by-pass and eventually result to ulcers. Alcohol should be limited as some alcoholic drinks may contain a lot of calories which lead to overturning effects.

8. Gastric band slippage

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This occurs in 70% of patients and occurs when the stomach banding slips out of position leading to an enlarged stomach pouch. This often results in nausea, heartburn and vomiting.

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