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Traumatic brain injury: 10 things you need to know to save lives

  1. You may have a concussion…you may have a concussion…

A concussion is a transient change in mentation after blunt head trauma. It can cause retrograde amnesia, and patients often repeatedly ask the same question after being given an answer. It can also cause a temporary loss of consciousness, disorientation, incoherent speech, or lack of coordination. Diagnosis of a concussion is made after a CT scan shows no structural abnormalities associated with these symptoms – not in the field.

While concussion symptoms typically resolve after a few hours or days, severe or multiple concussions can cause headaches, dizziness, depression, and difficulty concentrating for weeks. Especially worrisome is a secondary impact syndrome, where a patient sustains a second concussion before recovering from the first. This can cause rapid cerebral edema and herniation, and has a high mortality rate. Athletes with a head injury should not return to play until after symptoms have completely resolved.

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